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Is there still any promotion for Global SIM Card? get one for one free?

The Welcome Wagon Hello there! Before we continue, can I get your name?

call me Max

The Welcome Wagon Can I also get your email address? In case we get disconnected, we can always get back to you.

you are a bot?

The Welcome Wagon Oops.. Can you enter a valid email address? xxx@xx.com

The Welcome Wagon Hang on Max! I will get the right person from my team to help you out.

Gino: Hi, Thank you for reaching out. The +1 SIM Card offer has ended. We are coming up with some exciting holiday promos very soon. So keep checking this space for more information. M: Thanks

Gino: You may try our FLASH30 code to get 30% off should purchase Gino: it’ll end on December 15th, 2019

M: another question: suppose I have received the Global SIMcard, how long the card will be valid before I top-up for the first time?

Gino: Card doesn’t expire Gino: Whenever you load credit onto your KnowRoaming account, that credit will last for nine months.

M: does this mean I have to reload at least every nine moths?

Gino: Yes, whatever remaining account balance will expire in 9 months. If you will reload before 9 months, it will reset the counter. Gino: Remaining balance gets carried over.

M: suppose I have $20 balance which should be expired at 20th Dec. If I reload $30 today, All my balance($50) will be valid for next nine moths ? or just the $30 is ?

Gino: You’ll have 9 months for the $50.00 M: OK, that’s it. Thank you very much.

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